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  • Newest battery car for Canton fair

    Newest battery car for Canton fair

       Qingfing new battery car BC-QF778 the funny battery car for children and adults with the newest design for 2014 Canton fair had just came into our product list. The band new design of it’s apearance is so cool and it’s easy to get people’s eyesight. After getting your attention , you must want to ride on it .It’s great control performance and high mobility with give a whole new battery car driving experience. Besides the battery of this car is upgrade to 12 hours life timer. As a commercial amusement park game it can run for a whole day without recharging , and as a musement game at home it can run and run for a whole day without stop.It’s variety operation and soft seat canl satisfied you.
       Our clienct Todor Mangarov from india has just prochased a dozen battery car from our company .According our clienct’s couple back, this type of battery is the most profitable one of the all the type of battery car, and he is going to prochase another dozen as his another game center oppean.
       Besides this type we also have other special models specially design for 2014 Canton fair including horse racing simulaor game machine 、simular racing game machine 、simulator shooting game machine、fishing game machine ect. Any kids of product you want , just contact us and we will satisfed you.
    About us :Guangzhou Qingfeng Electronics Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing and exporting game machines for 11 years. We are the only game machine company who only do the international game machines. Qingfeng devotes itself to offering one-station service to the investors of game center. We offer the game machines, game center design, game machines combination, profit-creating programs to you. Our aim is to help the investors to save more early-stage cost, and help create quick profits in the following stage.

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