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  • Game machines experience conclusion

    Game machines experience conclusion

    Game machines experience conclusion
    Today once again have the opportunity to learn products, but only to learn simulator racing and shooting games. For all the learning models of specific products, described as follows:

    42 LCD motorcycle game machines.
    This motorcycle game is with beautiful appearance, the game is easy to operate. Countdown 3 seconds, you can start the motorcycle by turning the throttle, then compete with three computer players, also supports connection and fight. The game itself is with beautiful picture, the road bends through interference and other vehicles to increase the difficulty of the game, turning around by left and right tilting, when the motorcycle energy bar is full, you can press the button N2 jet, which motorcycle is invincible for a few moments and not being interfering by road & other vehicles, with short-term high-speed driving, can experience the thrill of speeding.

    Large simulator car racing game machines like Outrun 2SP,Initial D series,Mori Hunzhan, &The fighter plane 2.
    Outrun 2SP, Mori Hunzhan, &The fighter plane 2, whether its sound, picture, dynamic, offers a very real feeling to players. Outrun SP has a 3-view change button, which will greatly satisfy players’ different visual requirement. What’s more, the Mori Hunzhan provides a specific 2D change to 3D visual impact. The most funny game machine of them, is the fighter plane 2, which both dynamic and with the perfect match of the screen, or operability, or the setting of the game itself, are feeling great. These three games have similar operations, the right foot to control the throttle, left foot to control brake & back. Some buttons to ensure speed up and attack, they are the top three of all the dynamic racing games. The last not the least, is the initial D series from Japan, which is really well known by gamers. The most direct feeling for players is the excitement of enjoying drag racing. Although without the dynamic seats, the authenticity and operability will make it much outstanding for the real simulation. High-speed cornering, braking, turn the steering wheel quickly, snapping road flick, after throttle acceleration out of the corners, a set of action-perfect performance, allowing the player hooked.

    Large simulator shooting game machines like Aliens & dead storm pirates.
    For shooting games, the theme of Horror, Thriller, Adventure is very popular among players, and Aliens & dead storm pirates should be a good choice. According to Aliens’ position on the screen, aim and shoot, it’s really easy to kill the monster and operate. Of course, the game also offers many special firearms, weapons, rescue packages, etc., also including flamethrowers and grenades and other props to increase the replay ability of the game. The dead storm pirates is an upgrade version, because of the small room limited, the game's graphics and sound effects, the more outstanding performance, plus seats with dynamic, just so impressive for players. Also have the opportunity to experience the pride of a pirate.

    Because of the limited time, many products hadn’t been tried yet, looking forward to next time to study more. 

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