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  • your video game city will be able to lure people into it at first sight

    your video game city will be able to lure people into it at first sight


    Do like this, your video game city will be able to lure people into it at first sight!1/2

    A video game city environment has a direct impact on the player's interest in play. A good video game city can attract a steady stream of players, but a bad video game city can make people feel discouraged. For a video game city, how to create a good atmosphere of play, directly affect whether it can have good performance, or even normal business.
    About the decoration style and location of video game city:
    Operating video game city, on the site, style, positioning and decoration is also a very important step. Store decoration principle is to create a relaxed atmosphere, the atmosphere is the customer first impression of the store, store environment and service quality, which will have a decisive influence to the consumer. Customers not only need to play their favorite models, but also want to get outside the game entertainment products. Therefore, the hardware and software have high requirements. First of all, we should pay attention to fashion, through a unified store decoration, exquisite decoration, neat dress, spacious service environment to reflect the unique style of stores, forming a professional atmosphere, rich image shop. The use of transparent visual effects, coupled with high-end and clean design style, so that customers can feel the charm of the brand at any time.
    Video game city customer groups are mostly young people, so decoration style should pay attention to taste, young people have vitality, most of them are with a new mentality, the pursuit of fresh, exciting fun. Video game city decoration should focus on the theme, fashion avant-garde, adapt to consumer groups. But also to reflect the store culture, easy maintenance, style durable. Also in line with the future business activities, and some unique products should also form a unified combination of decoration: Dance machines and jazz drums and basketball machines.
    To sum up the above points of view, we should pay attention to the following principles:
     ①.Divide the area (from the point of view of the equipment): music, combat, shooting, racing, leisure.
     ②.Pay attention to sound insulation: part of the music machine should be separated separately, to avoid noise.
     ③.Overall coordination: some buildings are not very upright, should be appropriately modified to adapt to the whole. 
     ④.Whole color: should use the active main color, auxiliary tone, outstanding, generous and modern feeling.
     ⑤.Fully functional: bar, window, rest area, modeling wall, marked, advertising spaces should be complete.
     ⑥.Clearly marked: the nameplate should be generous and the colors match the main colors.
    1Prominent characteristics of the industry
    The basic requirement is to clearly shows that it is a commercial building and other public buildings; at the same time also need from the video game city image and style, reflect the different gaming City operating characteristics, the game player can be clearly recognized in different directions at a distance, leave a deep impression.
    2Strive for unique style
    The video game city must be distinguished from the surrounding business facilities, and show the player a special image to differentiate competitors. The pursuit of grandeur is a poor cultural expression, but tends to be vulgar.
    3Be in tune with your surroundings
    Video game city should have different characteristics, to show its unique style, but also pay attention to the overall effect of modeling and color, and the surrounding business environment should not be too different atmosphere. Players on different video game city type, in the hearts of general have a general impression, if you will own video game city design style is different, but will make players unknown refers to, not for people to accept.
    4Have higher visibility
    Video game city appearance visibility, refers to the walking or driving behavior, can clearly see the video game city appearance mark degree. Visibility difference, in the distance, or even near, are not easy to see video game city logo, not only to bring inconvenience to the players, but also affect the game console sales. Therefore, in the video game city design process, how to improve the visibility of video game city, is an important issue of video game city design. Generally speaking, increasing the visibility depends mainly on the unique and distinctive elements, such as a unique architectural appearance, distinctive signs, lighting device, The brightness dazzles the eyes. spacious entrance, video city attractive posters are able to attract passers-by sight, forming a deep impression.

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