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  • Why choose us QingFeng 9d VR cinema ?

    Why choose us QingFeng 9d VR cinema ?

    What’s 9d VR cinema included?
    9D VR is called dynamic experience virtual reality platform, it's consist of (VR) glasses, dynamic special effects platform, 9d films and PC operating platform(control panel), make the player to have the most powerful realistic sense from the auditory, visual , tactile, so that can enjoy the experience to vibration,360 rotation and other new real feeling, immersive and fun.
    What’s the advantage of 9d VR cinema?
    1.       Satisfied the curiosity of the people. New and fresh thing can attract many people. 9D VR Cinema is new and have a big market, it has a wide range for operating and without limitation. The places where have large passengers flow are all allowed, such as: shopping mall, game center, airport, amusement park, square, theater cinema, hotel, ect.
    2.       Easy operated. It's absolutely different from 5d motion cinema, 7d interactive cinema. Player just need to wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and bring players amazing experience.
    3.       Easy moving. You can run this business in one space and after you find the better space. You can just move it to another place which is very convenience.
    4.       Low investment, high profitable, You can earn the money back in a short time.
    Why choose us QingFeng 9d VR cinema ?
    1.     We are an professional manufacturing and exporting company and served for 3000 game center clients from more than 160 countries.
    1.       9D VR cinema is a new product firstly released by QingFeng in China.
    2.       Compared to Chinese suppliers, QingFeng is the rich experienced and develop fast manufacturer on 9d VR cinema.
    3.       Compared to foreign suppliers, our price is more competitive. It brings great business opportunity to investors wants to invest this project, and also suits for the one lack of money.
    4.       Rich content, amazing virtual reality experiences. Professional film department can make customized movie and can ensure the movie update. Our professional after-sale service team is your support.
    5.       Our technicians can go to different countries to help customers solve problem.
    Now the opportunity is coming, please hold on your phone or email to us, Come to QingFeng and enjoy 9d VR cinema.!          

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