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  • What is 5D movie?

    What is 5D movie?

    In the 2008 Shanghai World Expo, many venues in 5-10 minutes 4D or 5D special effects film "Showmanship" long attracted visitors lined meandering team. This special effects movie, is a step by step to come to our side. 5D With the continuous development of technology, many 5D cinema systems provider, have chosen to join a manner similar to a chain of convenience stores, in this emerging market began a large-scale investment promotion. Tens of square meters, accommodating 10-20 spectators, this pocket-sized 5D cinema, the future will be like a convenience store, as appears in our side?

    3D movies are visual disparity by the human eye, so that the screen appears three-dimensional feel. Compared with the 3D technology, 4D human sense of smell, touch and added to the movie in the past. 5D cinema is in the background and effects 4D dynamic of the film, the audience from hearing, sight, smell, touch and movement to achieve five immersive effects. Stereoscopic viewer watching movies, video content with the changes in real time feel and three-dimensional images corresponding event will also shake the swing seat, and real-time interactive virtual audience and screen roles.

    5D movie speculative Saudi Arabia Pavilion super IMAX theater, the Swiss Pavilion 360 degree panoramic water curtain movie, Petroleum Museum 4D dynamic movie "Oil Dream", Guangdong Museum 5D film allows viewers person into movies go, Jilin Pavilion 180-degree screen, three-dimensional imaging, dynamic seat ...... at the Shanghai Expo show these effects film technology, has been living away from getting closer. By the human visual gap, so that the screen stereoscopic 3D technology has not fancy it. Compared with the 3D technology, 4D will also be added to the human sense of touch to the movie. Including vibration, falls, hair, water, scratching and other tactile introduction of 3D cinema.

    5D seat electric hydraulic platform is six degrees of freedom, before more use in the simulator, 4D DOF pneumatic platform, motion simulation method is more compared to the previous, with the film's plot and make the appropriate action to simulate a more space motion gesture. On the other hand, the interaction effect of the film, audience interaction to participate in the movie theater is different from the previous 5D biggest feature films, movie characters and even interactive games with the audience. "Technical staff, said in recent years, 5D cinema is increasingly being used in theme parks, museums, science museums, science and technology education as a display purposes.

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