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    Shooting arcade machine


    Anti-terrorist shooting arcade machine is a newest item in our factory. The reason that the clients and players are attracted by it, rather than other shooting machine, is its more realistic.
    There are totally 6 games. The theme of the 6 shooting games are different, including shooting at the army, shooting at the insects, and ect.. It’s loved most by the Muslim.
    Days before, an client from Turkey spoke highly of that machine like the below:
    1. the quality of the image is the best I saw in Chinese market.
    2. there is no delay of any shooting at the enemies. Wonderful.
    3. the gun is the most special. I like it too much.
    This shooting arcade machine will occupy 4*4m area for the best effects. You can choose 4 players and 6 players. The color of the gun can also be tailed according to your requirement. Some clients like them to be in the same color, and other clients like them to be in different colors. It’s up to you.
    I strongly hope to invite all of you to visit our factory and our showroom. You can try any shooting arcade machine, car racing simulator machine, redemption machine, basketball machine, toy crane machine, bumper car machine, as well as newest VR machine there.
    Warmly welcome to your visit.

    Qing feng factory:

    1.The only company preparing?for listing of Australia's main board?in China game machine?industry.
    2.In 16 years’?history, we have served for?more than 3,000 game center in over 150 countries.
    3. The only VR game strategic partner in Guangzhou Baiyun Internal Airport, which is the top 10 airport in Asia. We will make its way into China's top 10 airports in the future.
    4. Chinese Golden?supplier?for game machines exportation.
    5. Use?LG/SAMSUNG/SHARP 3 brands?screens only, and other parts are reliable?quality parts.
    6. Products?strict inspection before loading. All machines will be waxed with good gloss. MADE IN QINGFENG is our biggest quality commitment to all customers.
    7. Perfect pre-sales,sales,after-sales service. Providing customers with home installation, maintenance, and training?service.
    8. Undertaking?game center design, operation, training and management?one-stop services.
    9. 3000 sq meters’s showroom, Over 400 different kinds of products for experience.
    10. Company with the newest, most complete and best quality products in the market, Price with 10% cheaper than the market
    11. Company with developing, design and sales together
    12. Platform offering one-stop service in game center design, products combination, profit plan, operation management, workers training and market plan.

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