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  • Qingfeng newest Multiple-players shooting simulator series

    Qingfeng newest Multiple-players shooting simulator series

    Qingfeng newest Multiple-players shooting simulator series - Multiple-players shooting simulator, Crossfire, Anti-terrorism, Where the devil run

    In nowadays we are laying more and more emphasis on the simulation degree of the game machine. Manufacturers like us Qingfeng, are all focusing on this issue and bringing us new items one by one, such as 9D VR cinema that offering the best vision and great body effect during the movie time, and simulator action game machine VR space walking platform which allows you to control the game with your natural movement. But still, we could hardly find an excellent game machine particularly for simulator shooting, until the Multiple-players shooting simulator comes into our sight.
    Multiple-players shooting simulator is one of the few items that could catch the consumer’s attraction so much in a short time. What exactly makes it so hot? Let’s discover the beauty of this game machine. Multiple-players shooting simulator is considered as a typical new star of the simulator shooting game machines, which is dedicated to provide true feeling of shooting. The weight of the guns is similar to the real ones. The recoil would come along when you pull the trigger. And it is with a traditional gun sight so that it all depends on your marksmanship to shoot your prey. Besides, different type of guns, different kind of animal, different part of its body, different movement speed, different distance it is from you, would mean different effect and different score you could get. Maybe you would get tired to hold the gun for a few minutes, at that time you could put the gun onto an adjustable holder and enjoy the easy shooting.
    Our Qingfeng Multiple-players shooting simulator game machine is with the latest version of game. It has 7 scenes that would switch one by one regularly during your game. Another point that increasing the interest of this game is, 1 ~ 8 players are allow to play the game at the same time as a team. With the 3D frames and the Dolby sound system, immersion becomes better. What if the bullets are out while you are not getting enough? Just one more coin and you could go on with your hunting.
    Take 4-seat version as an example, as it is available for 4 players at the same time, it can serve more than a hundred players per day, so that you could imagine it is easy to get your investment back within 2 months. Multiple-players shooting simulator game machine is such a preferable and profitable item for business owners. Not only some normal game arcades, but also sites of a particular market position – the shooting halls, who want to attract people with new element, are now benefit a lot from this game machine.
    We, Qingfeng game machine manufacturer, are also eager to cooperate with you about this project. Just call us up if you are interested in it, even if only you have a thought of making money.

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