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    Qingfeng arcade basketball machine show

    Qingfeng arcade basketballmachine show from 3rd April to 15th May 2013

    Guangzhou will hold a big game machine exhibition from 3rd April to 15th May 2013, and we are the first chinese which specialized in making expoting game machines for 11 years, we wll invit most of our clients to join us with the exhibition, could you like to come? There are more than 200 kinds of different game machines will be showed that time. What’s more, you will have the chance to gain the shuttle car, the hotel and the meals for free.
    There are many kinds of game machines will be showed in that time.
    We will introduce you a arcade basketballmachine now.
    The production features:
    1)Up to 8 pcs machines can be linked together.
    2)When you enter NO.2 stage, the basketry will move left-right so that increases the difficulty of the game.
    3)When you finish the first stage, and get a score that is in accordance with the end number of the total score , you can play for another time on free.
    4)You can adjust the times of play with one coin ( From 1 time to 3 time).
    5)You can’t pass steps within the setting time, the tripping ball board will rise to hold the ball and complete the game.
    6)Get 2 points per score. If getting to the setting time at the last second, can get 3 points per score.
    7)After finishing the game, you can set the total score to “Return the ticket” or “non-ticket”.
    The arcade basketball machine are very popular now,from last August to last month, we have exported 15 containers. And we can offer five kinds of basketball game machine.In order to let you know more about our company,you can browse our website in http://www.gzqingfeng.com

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