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  • Lottery machine will become a new breakthrough for game city

    Lottery machine will become a new breakthrough for game city

    In fact, the lottery machine is a commercial animation and game entertainment industry a very common type of machine. Broadly speaking, the lottery machine is a recreation, entertainment in the paper with the appropriate amount of lottery functions, as well as a paper ticket exchange for gifts of pure entertainment device; narrow sense, the lottery machine is a pure entertainment games with prizes .
    Some customers said that with nearly two years of light gaming market, government control of the gaming hall of increasingly stringent type of machine, plus introduce new simulator slow and expensive, so as a lottery prize game machines more or less played a role in stimulating consumption.
    But for some time, the industry suffered during the crackdown, lottery machines also once suffered controversy. In general, due to the lottery ticket machine more stable rates, exchange of gifts are more simple, the players in the demo lottery machine when feelings of pleasure and calm and does not constitute players addictive phenomenon. General lottery machine gaming hall stand-alone return rate was controlled at 3-40 ticket / currency, the return rate was controlled at the entire 5-25 ticket / currency. Prize value should be set in the recreation hall of 200-500 yuan a better state. If you exceed this range too, constitutes a suspect disguised gambling. And because of some unscrupulous elements of the lottery ticket machine functions, malicious increase the coupon rate and the value of the prize, lottery machines before allowing property was being challenged by the relevant departments.
    And the new "opinions" on the lottery machine certainly can make a new breakthrough gaming city to survive?

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