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  • Lottery machine has very good earnings

    Lottery machine has very good earnings

    "Lottery machine is a very important machine type, accounting for about 20% of the proportion of where I shop, but also revenue contribution of about 20%. Player base mainly young people in general, for the current malaise in the market, lottery machines the award-winning nature more or less played a role in stimulating consumption. "reflect a manager.
    A manager told reporters, "We have a few in-store lottery machine, probably accounted for 15% of the proportion of the machines we use to fry a field or charge field. Players to lovers, family, etc. players ones arbitrariness in the management of the lottery machine and the same general procedures for large-scale simulator and not particularly troublesome, but sometimes when the management system fails, there will be some loopholes in management, but in general are is the controllable range of it's revenue accounted for about 10% of the contribution rate of the store. "
    Data shows that lottery machine originated in the United States. Economically developed regions in the country, people have been enjoying great material to meet, so they pursue entertainment extraordinarily excited, and lottery machines in first-tier cities is undoubtedly happy catalyst. In the reform and opening up, Shenzhen, lottery machine in a lot of recreation, entertainment in the show extraordinary charm, greatly mobilized the people to come to play the game atmosphere, to the people to create a lot of happy memories.
    At first glance, operating the lottery machine requires only a simple display and gift exchange. In fact Queyuanburu imagination is so simple. After 20 years of evolution, lottery machine operation is no longer simply put on display, a more adequate technical content and skills inherent in many details, mechanical appearance of plagiarism has been unable to play a decisive role.
    Investors must pay attention to the lottery machine operating values​​, good gross profit machine control technology costs, build brand management strategy. Growth lottery machine market is fully consistent with the modern pace of product marketing, which shows the success of the lottery machine has a strong foundation of business operations, not by illegal speculation to deceive success, which we must face the facts!

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