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    Lottery game machine

        The lottery game machine always be the hot sale item of game machine. The rules of the game is simple , everyone even the little chlidren can understand that. The game machine is so easy to use that even the lillie children are easily attracted by it’s simple operation and exciting plot. In addition to the simple operation and exciting plot, the lottery game machin is a kind of high benefit return game machine and it can create profit in a short time. That’s why lottery game machine always meet the favour of buyers from different kinds of country.
        QINGFENG’s lottery game machine is one of the best in Chinese game industry .Our lottery game machine found the balance point of giving customers fun and making benefit for our buyers .In addition to the high quality of the machine our product not only satisfy the players but also making benefit for our buyers.Cooperate with our game center design supporting program, the lottery game machine can bring our buyers benefit in a short time.
         About us :Guangzhou Qingfeng Electronics Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing and exporting game machines for 11 years. We are the only game machine company who only do the international game machines. Qingfeng devotes itself to offering one-station service to the investors of game center. We offer the game machines, game center design, game machines combination, profit-creating programs to you. Our aim is to help the investors to save more early-stage cost, and help create quick profits in the following stage.

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