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  • If 5D cinema theater upgrade to 7D cinema

    If 5D cinema theater upgrade to 7D cinema

    The new interactive entertainment theater 7D 5D cinema industry for bringing new vitality, so 5D cinema will eventually be replaced by a passive experience truly interactive new 7D theater, this is an irreversible trend and trends, 5D cinema theater is inevitable upgrade to 7D the audience for this new viewing experience keen interest. 7D unique advantages of upgrading the mainstream cinema, 7D 7D theater can play both interactive movie, you can also play 3D / 4D / 5D traditional three-dimensional movies, choose the 7D theater, equivalent to choose a "four stores in one", the 3D / 4D / 5D / 7D movie leads a shop reap greatly attracted the passenger, "suck money" super. If we say 5D Motion Theater 3D stereoscopic film to bring new life, so that the majority of small investors have tasted the sweetness of the cinema market, then and now, 7D interactive entertainment theater will give the majority of investors brought a new round of market opportunities, glow greater vitality.
    How to upgrade 7D 5D cinema theater?
      1.projector needs replaced with active dual projectors, glasses also need to be replaced by active glasses;
      2.5D dynamic interactive platform above need to install gun, near 5D dynamic platform needs to install a Bluetooth transceiver head;
      3.above need to install WIN7 computer systems, and 7D game software.
      4.The projector needs to be installed in front of the infrared positioning of the first two;
      5.7D seat effects control system;

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