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    Alien Shooting arcade machine

    1. Operation of the alien shooting arcade games
    First, after choosing the gun, please insert the coin to the coin selector correspondingly, and then press the “START” button.
    Second, you can choose from the beginning in the Story pattern or choose stages from Chapter pattern. You can also setting the forbid of the Chapter model in the operation menu. Please refer to the Game Adjustments Menu from The Chapter 11.
    Third, on the military base, please use gun, grenade, flamethrower or rockets for shooting Aliens.
    Forth, Don’t shoot at other soldiers. Otherwise, it will reduce your life.
    Fifth, shooting at the weapons and medicine kit appearing so that you can enhance your fodders and life.
    Sixth, countdown turns up on the screen before the game come to an end. If needing continuing, please insert the coin to the coin selector beside you, and then press the “Start” button.
    2. Operation of Menu and Setting of the alien shooting arcade games
    First, opening the door of the coin selector, and press Test/Back key to operate main menu.
    Second, navigating between VOL UP and VOL DN, and then the menu you selected will perform with loud sound.
    Third, when one of menus highlights, pressing the green selection button to open its sub-menu or select it.
    Forth, if you want to revise one menu, please highlight its project and press the selection button. Then change it by using the VOL UP and the VOL DN. When finishing it, press TEST/BACK button to exit.
    Fifth, pressing the selection button. the final project in each sub-menu will take you back to the last menu (press test/back button, the project will highlight automatically.
    Sixth, Once return to the main menu, select Exit, then Press the Selection button to return to view mode.

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