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  • 5D movies, new trends in the digital future

    5D movies, new trends in the digital future

    5D movie movie briefing:
    5D movie in 3D stereoscopic film up and down, left and right, increasing the environmental effects before and after the simulation on the basis of which the three-dimensional composition of the new video products. By shaking, hair spray, bubbles, lightning, odor, etc., in addition to the original visual impact, while the tactile feel, smell, hearing, etc., so that the audience really reach the ground, to achieve "real ones" effect.
    5D movie required conditions:
    1) 3D video content is certainly one of the essential prerequisite 5D movie. Have a three-dimensional picture effect class 3D content, then 5D theater can already be half the battle.
    2)  in addition to high-quality 3D content, with the perfect hardware devices, synchronized with the 3D content in a realistic picture, the vibration, wind, lightning, rain, taste, sound and other experiences, to enhance the audience's sense of immersion .
    3)  Build 5D environment is one of the important aspects, because 5D scene requires extensive use of sound effects and other ways to achieve stunning immersive experience, so when the housing renovation also requires the actual need to use the most appropriate acoustic renovation to enhance the sound.
    3D / 5D stereoscopic film content production introduction:
    Stereoscopic content production is usually divided into about three types:
    1)  for 3D modeling produced by 3DMAX, MAYA and other professional artists program, to create a 3D model of the desired content, and another by setting different camera position in the scene analog eyes will be watching to record different screen rendering. Final with music and other kinds of effects, making a complete stereoscopic video content.
    2)  simulation using multi-lens camera to shoot eyes directly, this way if you do not consider the cost of the camera, it can be said to be the most convenient way. The left and right lens captured images overlap by late adjustments to achieve the most suitable for viewing picture effect. With the increase in different locations of the camera shot, three-dimensional, and the effect will be enhanced. But because of the prevailing multi-lens camera are two lenses, so if you want to shoot at different angles to the same screen, especially in motion pictures, will significantly improve the cost and difficulty, so two or more multi-lens shots are still extremely rare.
    3)  2D to 3D technology, which is one of the relatively civilians technology, through a variety of professional and non-professional, fee or free software, the ordinary plane video, games and other content in stereoscopic conversion, forced stretching picture for binocular stereo analog picture. But because the original pictures and videos in the production of, and does not consider the three-dimensional effect, so this technique to produce a three-dimensional effect is relatively coarse content, and there will be all kinds of problems, such as left and right eye inversion.

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