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    5D Cinema Features

    5D Cinema was 3D cinema technology is based on the integration, including optoelectronics, snow, vibration, water spray, hair and other complex special effects scenes from a new generation of digital video technology! 5D cinema is emerging as a form of international cinema, evolved on the basis of the traditional three-dimensional cinema. Compared to other types of theater, with a prominent theme, high technology content, lifelike, more attractive to spectators and other characteristics advantage. Can give the audience a visual, auditory, tactile and even strong stimulation of taste, bring all-round feeling of sensory organs! 5D cinema generally consists of three elements: the three-dimensional projection system; vibration seats and special effects equipment; computer control system. These three synergistic effect, constitute a system jointly stimulate the audience's visual, auditory, tactile, sensory and other senses, reproduction movie themes involved in the environment, various details within the environment, as well as the audience experience in a specific environment, such as, create immersive overall effect.
    5D Cinema Features: 1, the seat will be the perfect combination of sporty dynamic movement and 5D effects together to make sensory stimulation audience reached its highest point; pollution, are environmentally friendly products; safe, reliable, and have seat belts and armrests. 2, low operating cost, easy to operate, energy saving, and energy saving compared with traditional equipment like about 50%; convenient transportation,
    Easy installation and maintenance simple. 3, in addition to seating systems do lift, tilt, swing movement in three ways, the structure of part of its movement through technical modifications, fully adapted to the domestic environment, greatly improved reliability, avoiding the congestion caused by dust and impact of the use of equipment, overall structure durable design life of ten years. 4, the seat material is made of special material sterilization, which can effectively kill many harmful bacteria. 5, the company independently developed by the voice-controlled audio control vibrator mounted on the seat inside the theater's sound to use synchronous control seat vibration amplitude and frequency. This vibrator is no noise, vibration and can appreciate the strong sense of changes in the strength of vibration, but also enhance the spot, there has been an immersive experience.

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