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  • 5D Cinema Convenience store-type expansion

    5D Cinema Convenience store-type expansion

    Many 5D cinema systems provider, has begun a large-scale marketing, and marketing in the way, have chosen the regional agency similar to the convenience store style - Cooperation - brand chain chain. Unlike investment piece IMAX screen into the hundreds of millions of dollars, a very small scale 5D cinema, a small group of only three or four seats 5D cinema platform to accommodate 18 to 24 spectators, some manufacturers even develop a dynamic family 5D 2 people theater products, is truly pocket-sized theater.

    Project get together increased competition also, therefore, these are trying to expand the market through franchising vendors also want people to believe, 5D cinema is an emerging project for small and medium investors, as long as the purchase price of a few investors have the ability to more than 10 million yuan 5D theater equipment, and find a store can afford the rent, staff through short-term training, you can start a business.

    However, when random search on the Internet "5D Cinema join", you can find dozens of brands in the time to promote this way, the small investors it is necessary to cool a little longer. Some experts say that after the project is very susceptible to franchising open to join a growing number of competitors, and the business district range each store smaller, fewer consumers also followed the situation. Even a single brand set like "a district only a" regional protection of such policies can not curb market saturation of the entire project. When more and more investors to follow suit to enter this field, an emerging join the project will come to an end.

    The main problem is the development of new sources as convenience stores, like "supply" issue is also worthy of attention. Insiders, 5D cinema equipment and technology
    Two years ago, the situation has not developed, it is a basic open secret, therefore, has become a major problem sources 5D cinema development.

     According to technical personnel, 5D movie is designed to allow the audience to experience thrilling, exciting story, so shooting is difficult to do when making a real, current sources 5D movie is animation. "At present, the domestic 5D with a complete film production company is not much, but 5D film production costs are very high, a real length of seven to eight minutes of the 5D cinema, production costs may reach six times the same length 3D movie now available to many theater operators sources, directly imported from Korea, so early equipment manufacturers began to consciously set up their own film production team, and some animation and game companies, relying on the existing production technology, in 5D cinema market play to their strengths in an interview with reporters, said that most vendors can provide the first 15-20 5D Ministry sources in recent months, a large number of new sources coming on line.

    many vendors said late will be updated every month one to two independent films produced or imported, with independent production team of vendors, which means that one can come up with 60 sources provided to the franchisee, but industry sources, the current due to the film production is difficult, some of the research team did not manufacturers, through conversion software, directly convert 3D film source into a suitable sources 5D, 5D movie omitted some of the interactive effects in the production, which may affect the viewing experience.

    5D on how to open a theater in Hangzhou, the reporter also consulted Some 5D dynamic theater system provider, was advised that in-store selection, general flow of people to be elected at large, mobile population in many places, such as amusement centers, tourist attractions, parks, schools, pedestrian streets, commercial areas ., cinemas, KTV rooms and other locations venues requirements: a set of six chairs hydraulic platform, for example, 3 meters wide, 6 meters long, three meters high above,20-25 square meters of space for each additional set of the need to increase 15 square feet (hydraulic platform to increase Antao seat only). needs to provide 220V or 380V power supply.

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