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  • 2014 popular 5D cinema movie in Qingfeng spring exhibition

    2014 popular 5D cinema movie in Qingfeng spring exhibition

    2014 popular 5D cinema movie in Qingfeng spring exhibition
    As the film industry is moving forward quickly, 5D cinema movie is adapting and changing its approach as a source of online information for filmmaking. Aside from providing the latest industry news it will be transformed into the prime destination for real world reviews of digital cinematography cameras.
    People don’t want to see filmed charts, they want to see real films with real stories because there’s one fact that most reviews are missing: how does a camera or a piece of gear actually work on a real job?
    Therefore, we try to make our reviews “real jobs” in as many cases as we can – in real shooting situations with real time constraints, where it’s suddenly not about the camera anymore, but about how it performs in a real life situation.
    Making reviews and a quality site like this is an incredible amount of work. All three of us are shooting professionals, and time we dedicate to shooting reviews is taken away from paid work. That’s the dilemma and the reason why most reviewers and bloggers (who are paid shooters in real life) can’t sustain to make camera reviews on a regular basis.
    We use an entirely new business model, which is based on the success of our video, the leading camera equipment retailer, we are completely independent from camera manufacturers in our reviews. We will always share our real opinion on cameras & accessories and be completely honest about what we really think about gear, no holding back!
    cinema5D is nothing without its audience. We know that the new cinema5D is quite a departure from what the site was before, and we hope you like it. We are constantly improving the site and it’s a labor of love for everyone involved.
    In order to let you know more about our company,you can browse our website in http://www.gzqingfeng.com

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