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  • your video game city will be able to lure people into it at first sight

    your video game city will be able to lure people into it at first sight


    Do like this, your video game city will be able to lure people into it at first sight!2/2

    Video City flow lines arrangement

    Mobile line, that is, video game city channel, is the necessary way for players to visit and check with the attendants, and the design should be convenient for people to walk and visit. Video game city channel is generally divided into the main channel: the main channel is the player from the store door into the store channel; the auxiliary channel is the auxiliary channel, is the player into each corner of the important channel. Video City flow line layout should fully consider the main channel width, flow line design should also have certain rules, in which you can also use some skills.

    1, open and smooth, so that players easily access     

    If a home appliance playing City facade cramped, crowded, even if the game consoles are numerous, cheap, still unable to attract players. Video game city is likely to open the door on the day of their financial resources to block up. Keep in mind that the first step in a successful business is to get the player to enter the door".
    The design of channel smoothly, can guide to design the game player according to nature, every corner of the city into the video game machine, can contact as much as possible, elimination of dead and blind spots, the time and space into the store gaming city to obtain the most effective utilization.

    2, "winding", make the game player stay longer

    In general, players with definite goals only account for 25% of the total number of players, while 75% of the players are random play and impulsive. Therefore, how to enhance the sense of the game machine, game machine shop to maximize the eyes and can get game player, available hand, and thus attract game player stay longer, finally realize the impulse to play, has become a key problem.
    The rich game machine, video city room will expand the game player choice, to strengthen consumer desire to stimulate, but also make the enterprise for the video game city rent, amusement and burdened cost. So through scientific design play main and auxiliary channel, reasonable arrangements for the short season game, "a degree of relaxation", "winding" can also play a game player, keep expand turnover effect.

    3, bright and clean, so that players relaxed and happy     

    Bright clean video game city channel, elegant and easy to play environment, often make players to store entertainment machines produce a fresh, high quality feeling. As long as you grasp the psychological connection between the clean and high quality, reasonable use and arrangement of light and sound and furnishings, efficient color space, which can cooperate with each other to create a game player and offer the material and spiritual double consumption places atmosphere.

    4, make video game city and backcourt connection more closely 

    Game city on the back yard, including: warehouse, locker room, office area, etc., is the video game city supply rear. Its layout design of video game city entertainment machine layout arrangements have a major impact, and therefore also belong to an important part of the layout of the video game city. The key point of the back court design is how to solve the most reasonable and economical route planning for the back yard and the video game city. Before and after the field junction is not open, can not recommend the use of general iron door, sliding door: one can use entrance spacious, large game machine import and eliminate restrictions; two can save open space; three is beautiful and practical, strong sense of isolation, and easy integration with the background.
    Whether the video game city can be unblocked, whether it can create a comfortable and spacious playing environment for the players, is the key point that managers should consider in the design of video game city.
    Interpretation of video game city decorative colors
    In the colourful world, all kinds of colors draw a variety of senses for us, but the colors are cold and warm. Warm red, orange, yellow, tea, cold Youqing, green and purple etc.. Warm colors are the colors of progress, which give people a sense of gentleness and warmth. In general, warm colors can be used as decorations or local accents. Cool colors can be used as background colors.       
    The color is so subtle that the beauty of the color gives a different feeling because the color itself has a sense of color. The store opened when you know how to use the combination of various color collocation, a game player to begin a new feeling.

    Use music to stimulate player's interest in play
    In modern times, music is often used to relieve mood, cure illness, and dispel fears and fears. In business, it is more common to use sound to stimulate player's interest in play.
    Sound is an important part of the atmosphere of the video game city. Have a positive impact on the species and density of sound can store atmosphere, but the sounds of store once more than a certain limit will make the game player upset, distracted, the game player. Therefore, the game city to distinguish between music and noise, in the whole video game city play environment, music plays an active role, and the noise plays a negative role. Video games should strive to use the positive side of sound while overcoming the negative side

    1. active acoustics
    Soft, slow music in retail stores increases sales by 40%, according to a survey by a well-known media. Fast paced music has long been known by retail operators as players shorten the time they spend in retail stores and reduce the amount of goods they buy. The survey also has a reference value for video game city. So, every day when you close the game, the video game city plays fast rock music, forcing the player to leave early. In order to improve and activate the audio environment within the city, video games must control noise and use music more.
    (1) the use of sound, game player tips
    In the video game city, broadcast that is necessary by means of sound, this method is especially suitable for the video game city during the event, can remind game player are activities, inform the game player activities through radio sites, events and activities for game machine. Because there are so many kinds of game machines and big venues in the big game room, it is difficult for the players to obtain all the information of the entertainment machines in a comprehensive way, and then broadcast is a good way.
    (2) the use of sound, to attract the attention game player
    Practice has proved that in the video game city and other places, some unique sound can attract the attention of players, resulting in both players and businesses are satisfied with the effect.
    (3) background music, create atmosphere to play
    Music is an important means of shaping the atmosphere in the shop, and it is the easiest way. The music is very beneficial to the promotion, if a gaming city often has a pleasant at the entrance of the music, the game player will make outside filed into the training period. Some relaxing, soft and melodious music can suppress noise and produce a pleasant, relaxing and relaxing romantic atmosphere, which gives players a comfortable mood, slow down, and even linger.
    (4) through the insulation and silencing equipment noise control
    Noise from outside the video game is a noise for the player. The noise of traffic from the busy commercial areas, and the impact of different procedures on the players in the store, is the noise that should be eliminated.
    (5) sound processing produced in the shop
    Most of these sounds are useful in part. Sounds produced by the playing of a music machine. However, the interaction of various sounds is variable to noise, resulting in interference with other players, causing the player to create a bad impression of the playingroom.
    For the use and elimination of this kind of sound, it is usually solved by the reasonable layout of entertainment machines. If you need a quiet play environment of the game console, should be concentrated around or layout in the upper or deep, so that it has a relatively quiet playing space.
    2. The skills when using
    (1) the choice of background music in video game city must be combined with its own characteristics and player characteristics to form a certain store style. 
    (2) should pay attention to the volume of the control, neither affect the player to speak with ordinary voice, and can not be flooded inside and outside the noise. 
    (3) the music player to have timely, if the music is too noisy to the impression of game player, the game player to produce discomfort or distracted, even tired, not only will not achieve the desired effect, but also counterproductive.  
    (4) the choice of music must be adapted to the mentality of the player for a given period of time. In the summer, playing the game in town and the vast grasslands of the water flowing melodious music, can make the game player in the heat to feel fresh and comfortable. Video games Bureau in organizing activities, you can play some faster rhythm, melody more powerful music, so that the players have the psychological impulse to participate.      
    (5) music can make the game player carefree mood, also can make the game player feel irritable, as long as you use it properly, all can be just perfect game hall speculation1, a video game city, according to the local play, and each boss's different ways of operation and choose different speculation. First you have to know your machine facilities and lottery, then how can the probability of gift machine to a strange place to strangers to consumer this is probably all want to engage in each game bottleneck breakthrough.  
    2, first of all you need to know the size of the venue to determine the operating mode of large and small ground operation mode difference. The site is generally through newspapers and television in various ways to give money to attract customers through a variety of sweepstakes left customers. Small venues attract customers through a variety of small and flexible ways of giving cards directly.   
    3, no matter which way to operate, the probability of video game city life and death. Some bosses are smart and attract customers by hard procedures, large numbers of cards and large numbers of returns, but in the long run they end up in failure. Video game city in the design of probability procedures, has given the game player a certain rate of profit, precisely those who do not understand the difficulty and pumping boss, with the simplest machine to obtain profits. The bosses who want to make money quickly fall into their knitting net while the machine keeps changing. Then, when we purchase, we must pay attention to the machine on the basis of the value of the purchase, adhere to the manufacturer set probability is not fixed, and stick to it will be profitable. Hairpin and reverse are just a bit of hype, but long-term use can only be made by the manufacturer's porters!

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