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    Interesting air hockey


    The Playing method is also very easy: After inserting coin(s), game will start, and the ball comes out from the outer hole. Getting the ball from the outer hole, and using the pusher to hit to the opposite target hole to win scores.
    The time you can adjust, but normally, it will be set with 60seconds. When game over, the more scores you get, the more tickets u win. It’s a competitive air hockey machine for two players. And you will find a lot of joy from it.
    The air hockey machine is designed and made by our company, Developed from June to Aug,2015 warmly welcomed by players from all over the world till now.
    Please kindly check the specification of it as below:
    1. Lovely design for players, with colorful light box. The light can twinkle colorfully, and the each color of the light can be controlled to flash fast or slow, can be settled up easily.
    2. Traditional hockey games, kids’ classical games, which is always popular to all children and parents.
    3. High program IC,our own program, with high quality electrical IC board and material for each parts. It’s with high quality and good after-sales service.
    4. Different professional design for each appearance, can be suitable for all kinds of game centers and family entertainment center, etc.
    From our 16-year’s experience, the air hockey is necessary for the game center. It combines entertainment and sports together to enhance the friendship for kids, as well as the parents relationship between parents and kids.

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